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Pottery Weekends


This is the perfect way to really get your hands dirty. 

Come to Spanish Point, and spend your weekend playing with clay! 

Over the course of the weekend, we'll cover all the basics of making pieces with clay: wedging, throwing, coil building, throwing and trimming. The specific format of the weekend is customisable to suit your needs, but in general, the weekend would include: 

Friday evening, welcome to the studio, throwing demo, and making pinch pots 

Saturday morning & afternoon studio session, 3 hours each 

Sunday morning, third studio session. A fourth session on Sunday afternoon can also be arranged, subject to your energy and travel plans. 

Due to space limitations, and because larger class sizes impact on the quality of the experience, the maximum group size is 4 people. 

You will have the use of unlimited clay throughout the weekend, and I will fire your two favourite pieces for you to keep. 

To arrange your pottery weekend, email me (, or message me on Instagram - @kevinkeaneclay

€250 per person 

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